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Garage Door Opener - Synergy 380


Garage Door Opener LC1000


The Synergy 380 is Marantec’s ultimate residential garage door opener. Equipped with over 1 HPCS of pull and push force, the Synergy 380 is the ideal opener for large and heavy applications like carriage house doors or large wind-loaded doors. LED lighting and reduced stand-by consumption make the Synergy 380 the most efficient residential garage door opener available, while the direct current (DC) Smart Motor, coupled with a heavy-duty chain or belt drive system, ensures amazingly quiet, reliable, and trouble-free operation. An optional integrated battery back-up system allows for the Synergy to operate even during a power outage.


We are very proud to announce that Marantec's LC 1000 commercial door operator has achieved full compliance with the latest UL 325-2010 requirements.  Effective as of May 1st 2010, The LC 1000 Light- Duty Trolley Commercial Operator will be manufactured to meet and exceed the latest requirements by UL 325-2010 and other applicable regulations such as National electrical Code (NEC), National Fire protection Association (NFPA) and local, state and county building codes.


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