Liftmaster Frog

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LiftMaster FROG - CAME Gate Operator

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Invisible Solution for Ornamental Swing Gates
The Frog Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator is ideal for ornamental swing gates. Installed below grade in a waterproof casing, and protected by a steel access plate that is flush with the driveway surface, it provides an invisible solution.

  •     LiftMaster® Security+ 2.0™ radio technology 2x the range of standard remotes
  •     On-board receiver provides a single remote solution for gate and garage access
  •     Ultra-reliable, maintenance-free direct gear drive system; watertight motor provides unmatched reliability and quiet operation
  •     24V DC motor with soft stop is rated for gates up to11.5 ft. or 1,770 lbs.
  •     Adjustable speed control moves gate with precision
  •     Simple manual disconnect for emergency operation
  •     Timer-to-Close automatically closes the gate after preset time
  •     For single and dual gate applications